As a full-service marketing agency,wedevelop plansutilizingthemostappropriatemarketing optionsfor each advertisertomeasurablydrivenew business. For traditionalmarketing channels, that can meanTV, radio, print, direct mail, out-of-home or collateralprintproduction. For digital, options include OTT and addressable TV, programmaticdisplay and video, mobile messaging and Google AdWords.For many advertisers, thatmay mean using a combination of both traditional and digital marketingchoices.In developing creativestrategies,the process begins with a review of an advertiser’scurrent marketing position, their competitive set in the marketplace and theestablishment of specific goals. The translation to a specific creative strategy isformulated from thisin-depthreviewformingthe basis for which tocompetitively positionthe advertiser in their respective field. The desiredresponsesmay be defined asinquires, clicks, calls, conversions,increasedmarket share, press coverage or socialmedia chatter.Today, the fractional nature of consumed media requires knowing the where, when andin what format the target market is engaged. We have at least three sizes of screens(TV, iphone, ipad) three types of radio (terrestrial, satellite, streaming) and the entireweb for the printedword.And we haven’t even included Social Media here. For eachmedia option, there are dozens of pricing scenarios which can change on a weeklybasis. In order to determine how much to dedicate to the various media touch pointchannels, a media mix strategy is formulated. It dovetails from the creative strategy forthe client advertiser and their established budget. Wethenrecommend and implementan appropriate media mix and create a plan with specific and measurable goals