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Whether yours is a brand-new enterprise or a long-established product or service, the focus for a successful   marketing strategy must be centered on the competitive advantages you have within your industry. What is it about your brand that truly sets it apart from others that prompts engagement from prospects?

Together, we will dig deep to find your unique selling proposition and provide key positioning supported by an appropriate media mix strategy and budget level. It takes working backwards from a specific sales or response goal to help clarify what specific media types and budget levels would provide the desired level of sales engagement.

A good creative strategy is born out of the disclosure of a product or service’s unique position in the marketplace. With the addition of knowing the target market, some considerations arise. Would humor provide the best avenue for response? Or should it be a direct comparison with a competitor? What type of call to action would work best? And how will we measure response?

After the initial review of a business, their specific market and marketing goals, we can recommend and select from a wide range of media options in our tool kit. A local broad-based demographic effort might suggest a cable TV campaign. A repetitive message in static locations; outdoor media. A short-run high frequency effort; radio. A campaign to reach mobile phone users; pre-roll video. Social media lovers; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We develop creative campaigns that make a lasting impact in a market and provide the most direct path to a desired outcome, whether that’s website click conversions, phone calls or cash register sales.

You’ve seen them out there; websites that seem to bury their contact information as if they don’t want you to reach out. Or websites that are stuffed to the gills with meaningless content. Worse yet, there are websites that don’t incorporate the most basic SEO practices to invite and engage visitors.

Our process for building websites includes best practices for web optimization, web hosting, content updates and website security. Your site will be mobile ready and search engine friendly with good quality content that will seek to rank high in organic search.

Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns are designed to provide not just clicks, but conversions, whether from contact form fills, phone calls or chat features. You will know exactly how each of your media sources are performing, so adjustments can be made, in real time, for any Google Adwords campaign.

Our approach to media marketing combines interdisciplinary strategy’s grounded in 30 years of negotiating skills to provide cost effective, results-producing media support. We believe a focus on media marketing “mechanics”.…. cost per rating point, page position, grp delivery, web page views, click through’s, unique visits and more, should be equally balanced with consideration of target market psychographic/demographic/interest-based profiles. The synergistic effect of using a multi-media marketing approach as a strategy has proven time and again, to provide the best ROI.

Today’s consumers find their news and entertainment through a myriad of choices from video on demand and podcasts to streaming TV, radio and traditional linear TV. That information is being sourced by iPhone, tablets, laptops, big screen TV and webcasts. Each platform and each device offers both unique business prospecting opportunities and challenges.

We can reach your best prospects at the household level utilizing demographic, geo fencing location, 3rd party purchase and search history data. Ad messaging can be delivered at home, on the go or on mobile devices. For TV, ads can be served to either cable or non-cable households.

Real time campaign monitoring and conversion reporting ensures subsequent success as measured by Google Analytics dashboards provided to clients.

Our agency enjoys a long standing, well-respected reputation among media sellers. It comes from years of negotiations with media outlets in diverse U.S.  markets. Our firm, but respectful negotiating style produces true cost effectiveness for our clients. We go well beyond ratings rankers or cost per rating point, cost per thousand analysis to include reviews of ethnic, geographic/age skew, lifestyle/occupation, and audience duplication considerations. We bring a solid understanding of the complexities of the Broadcast/Cable TV/OTT/Connected TV platforms to each of our clients, resulting in cost-effective and results-oriented campaigns.

Video advertising has progressed to the emergence of pre roll, mid-roll and post-roll video inventory from mobile Apps and websites, to OTT streaming services. Programmatic includes both video and online display inventory sold on a cost per thousand impression basis for which we can recommend an appropriate level of support for any product or service.

Today’s targeting options for video are robust. They can include demographic, occupational and geo location data, along with search and online purchase histories. Reach prospects on their mobile devices or on their big screens at home for both cable or non-cable households and measure your campaign success through dashboard monitoring and website analytics.

Expand your reach on radio by adding in a streaming component. Streaming commercials generally run separately from traditional linear radio, so you’re not duplicating audience. Plus, you’re reaching a high percentage of streaming listenership while they are at work.

With Connected TV’s growth, it has become a key component in media buys designed to reach the full complement of TV viewing. Our Connected TV inventory includes, among many others, premium networks such as HGTV, Discovery, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC/ABC News, CNN, Telemundo and Lifetime and content suppliers such as FreeWheel, Google and Verizon Media.  

Recent Engagements

With a major focus on one of their primary services, this practice more than tripled their new patient acquisition within two years enabling them to move to much larger quarters.

For truly phobic dental patients, this NYC practice offers multiple methods for reducing anxieties. The practice’s owner invites nervous prospective patients to make the call.

A Westchester body spa needed a way to introduce a new non-surgical face lift treatment, by demonstrating its unique features and benefits. In order to reach a county-wide audience of Women 35-54, we produced this :30 TV spot supported by both linear cable and streaming TV media. 

What’s Cookin'?

A Westchester HVAC company; Bell Heating and Air Conditioning has been promoting the advantages of heat pump and geo thermal technology through local cable TV media. They are sharing the costs of the media buy with one of their major vendors; Mitsubishi Electric.

We tagged the :30 TV spots with the Bell URL and phone number to drive both website traffic and phone calls.

The three creative versions rotate evenly across a variety of networks including HGTV, DIY, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, News12 and more, with a schedule that runs for 13 weeks. Tracking is measured based on the unique “heat pumps” URL and landing page on Google Analytics.



OTT/CTV/Cable media planning/buying and production services

Getting the right message out at the right time and in the right place informs both our creative production services and as well, our media recommendations. As TV viewers have migrated to streaming TV, we include OTT and CTV as part of our media mix recommendations to ensure appropriate audience reach in a geographical area.

Storyboards and scripts are carefully developed to properly engage viewers and drive to a measurable call to action.

Typical to our process includes:

  • determining an appropriate media mix/allocation of a client’s budget
  • selecting TV networks, geo zone coverage, and impression deliveries
  • building an appropriate reach/frequency level against the target market
  • reviewing back end campaign analytic measurement and conversion metrics

Our production service capabilities:

    • 4K long-form video
    • :30, :60 radio spots
    • TV/Cable :15, :30 spots
    • :15, :30 pre-roll video

We are proud to serve clients in the b to c, financial services, retail, dental, hvac and real estate industries in the tri-state region.


Print/Collateral Design and Production

Impactful, engaging and responsive. They form the basis for the creative design and production of collateral and print ads done on behalf of our clients in medical, family leisure, sports training and consumer products, whether in B to C or B to B markets.


Out of Home

The Out-of-Home category has grown exponentially in both the variety of formats, but also in the type of location. We provide design and production and media buying services for these options:

  • billboards
  • bus advertising
  • taxi ads
  • mobile billboards
  • digital displays
  • display racks, kiosks

Corporate Branding

A company’s branding identity is generally the first thing prospects see. That identify must, in seconds,
provide a sense of that company’s strength and corporate culture. It then must be memorable enough to provide a mental imprint of those corporate characteristics for future interactions with those prospects.


About Us

Kent Murphy
25 years+ multi-media advertising management experience on both agency and client side including retail, consumer and b to b environments. Formed Cherokee Communications Inc. in 1986 with representative accounts in consumer foods, higher education, leisure resort, medical, energy supply, and retailing. Previous positions include radio sales management, ad agency account management and direct marketing list brokerage.

Key skill set strengths:

  • creative strategy development, execution
  • brand positioning
  • media mix strategy development and execution
  • oral and written presentation
  • media budget management

Lee Miller
34+ years account management experience in diverse industries including retail, youth performance training, fitness/physical therapy, ad premiums and b to b.

Key skill strengths:

  • multi-media marketing budget development, planning and execution
  • pre-press and production specialist
  • creative art direction management, execution

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